Thursday, May 19, 2016

Color Schemes

Find a stunning look for every room in your house with these color schemes, design tips, & the perfect flooring to match!
Living Room
Colors: Light turquoise, grey, and white
Photo Source: House of Turquoise

This color combination is so calming!  After a long day, I could totally relax in a space like this!

Flooring to match:
& Classic! (I love them both, how could you ever decide)?

Colors: Orange, aqua, tan, and cream
Photo Source: BuyerSelect | Home Decor
I love this beachy vibe!  A cute DIY message in a bottle would look great with these perfectly accented colors.  And check out those adorable throw pillows!

Photo Source:
Photo Source: Pillomatic, Etsy

With these DIY design pieces, you can have your “day at the beach” without even leaving home! (And your dream bedroom, without breaking the bank!)

 Photo Source:
 Photo Source:
 Photo Source:

Flooring to match:

I chose a medium-toned hardwood for the bedroom.  It reminds me of wet sand, and the richness of this color will make the room feel vibrant.

Colors: Purple, white, and black
 Photosource: Benjamin Moore
Photo Source:
This soft violet is such a soothing color.  I like this shade for a shared or guest bathroom.  Everything about this room is clean and simple, yet chic! (Oh, and that chandelier is stunning!)

Photo Source: Ravings Byrae
This deep plum color is my personal favorite!  What a gorgeous, dramatic color for your master bathroom!

Flooring to match:
I love marble, so I'm slightly biased here!  This is called Carrara Matte.
I also really love the idea of keeping this room dark and dramatic, though.  So I'm a fan of this tile, as well!

Colors: Marble, white, and gold
Photo Source: Domino Magazine
I think I'm in love!  (No really, my heart may have skipped a beat when I first saw this kitchen).  Marble and white are so commonly paired with black, so I loved seeing this pretty pop of gold, instead!

Flooring to match:
Hello bamboo!  This natural color bamboo flooring would gorgeously compliment the gold!
I have been known to have bold taste, though, and this tile is beautiful!  Although, I think I'd choose this for my back splash instead of my floor!

Dining Room
Colors: Coastal blue and deep purple
Photo Source: Eric Piasecki
Wow!  I cannot say enough about these colors.  Such a classy look for your formal dining room.

Flooring to match:
This folks, is not wood, it's a porcelain tile!  I'm into either of these colors for the dining room, but I think I'm leaning toward the one of the left.  Which one do you like?

Any of my flooring recommendations can be purchased from CS4 Flooring

Live with what you love.


  1. I love the porcelain tile! Especially with in floor heating. When I get a bigger house that has a mud room (seriously a dream room for me). That's the kind of flooring I want in it!

    1. Porcelain tile has always been a favorite of mine, as well! It's less maintenance than a hardwood, but you definitely don't lose out on looks!