Thursday, May 26, 2016

Wallpaper Feature Walls

While I'm not a big fan of entire rooms covered in wallpaper, and my personal opinion is that there is nothing more awful than a wallpaper boarder, there is one aspect of wallpaper that I can get on board with: a wallpaper feature wall.

In order to pull this off, you must be VERY careful about the type of wallpaper you choose for a given room, your décor choices, and your flooring.  If all of these elements don't tie in together, than your wallpaper feature wall can quickly go from chic to tacky!

So that's what I'm here for, to help make sure your wallpaper feature wall doesn't end up looking like a scene out of your grandmother's musty old kitchen:)  Here's some of my favorite wallpaper patterns and the perfect flooring to match!
Classic Grey
Photo Source:
 The thing that I love most about this wallpaper is that its super versatile.  When I see this pattern, I think classic.  I would add some vintage, antique, distressed design pieces.  I can also picture this with some really simple, modern, and pretty design pieces, as well!
Flooring to match:
White laminate, that mimics wood, to keep this room looking bright and simple.
Bohemian Chic
Hello gorgeous!  I love the bohemian pattern here, and the turquoise and gold accent perfectly!

Flooring to match:
Check out the color variations in this wood!  The rich color would look stunning with the gold in this wallpaper.

Complete the look by adding one of these console pieces to your feature wall.
 Sold at Wayfair for $699.99
Sold at Wayfair for $106.99
Blue Chevron
On the "May's Color Schemes" blog from last week, I posted a beautiful chevron carpet, but hey, I'm not biased, I like chevron here and there, I like chevron everywhere! (Yes, that was a Dr. Seuss reference, sometimes its hard to step out of mom mode! ;)  Speaking of children, I like this wallpaper as a feature wall in a playroom or kid's lounge!  Plus, once the kids are older, this wallpaper also works for a scrapbooking/craft/hobby room!
Flooring to match:
I would go with carpet to help make this room feel warmer.  The cream color matches the cream in the chevron pattern perfectly.
Designing on a budget?  Complete your room with DIY design pieces (like the one below), at much smaller costs than store bought pieces.
Sold at Etsy for $45.37
Daisy Crazy
Photo Source: Saatchi Art
This look isn't for everyone, but with the right design pieces, I would definitely be willing to put this in my dining room.  In order for this look to remain pretty, and not too "childish," I recommend painting the rest of the walls and the ceiling white.
Flooring to match:
This bamboo flooring is warm and inviting.  The color goes with the nature feel of this room!
I love the idea of keeping this room fun and unique by adding an umbrella light fixture.  This would likely only work in a room with high ceilings, though!
Photo Source:
Whimsical Woods
Photo Source:
Create the perfect fairytale bedroom with this whimsical wallpaper.  It reminds me of nights spent catching fireflies.  Something about it is so enchanting!
Flooring to match:
This just depends on your personal preference.  Some always prefer carpet in a bedroom.  I think I prefer the wood mimicking laminate in this case.  Which one would you choose?? (Comment your answer in the comments section below!)
Take out the glass of an antique mirror, and use some lace to make your own DIY jewelry holder.  This vintage piece goes great with the whimsical theme!
Photo Source: Architecture & Design on Pinterest
Use the comments section below to tell me which design was your favorite!  My personal favorite.. Daisy Crazy, but only if I could convince my fiancé to make me an umbrella light fixture!
All flooring recommendations can be purchased from CS4 Flooring
Live with what you love.

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