Thursday, June 23, 2016

Flooring Trends

With so many choices available, deciding on the perfect flooring for your home or business can be a daunting task.  You want a product that is stylish, trendy, & accents the overall design of your space; but you may also have other needs, such as durability, & ease of cleaning & maintenance.  Let’s take a look at current flooring trends, to help you pick the flooring that best suits your needs for your new home, business, or renovation!
1.  Luxury Vinyl
By using 3-D photo replication, luxury vinyl can closely resemble any material, including hardwood and stone.  Each tile is embossed to mimic the desired texture.  This way, you’re able to have the high-end look of hardwood or stone, without the high cost and more difficult maintenance.
  • lower costs than hardwood or stone
  • easy to maintain & clean
  • durable, water resistant
  • others will think it’s real wood or stone!
2.  Patterned Carpet / Tile
Your floor is your 5th wall, so why not use it as a design statement!  This trend leans toward simple, solid (non-patterned) walls, furniture, & décor, paired with a pretty patterned floor.
Patterned tiles add character to your home.  In your bathroom you can continue the tile up a wall as a feature wall.
3.  Recycled Flooring
The “go green” trend has led to consumers demanding more eco-friendly products.  This trend is not only better for the environment, but has also led to some pretty awesome, vintage looking products!
Check out this stunning hardwood floor made re-purposed from old barn wood!  I used this wood in a previous post of mine because I loved it so much.
Some carpet manufacturers are recycling old products into new products.  Shaw floors is a great example of a company that carries products like this.  25% of the content in this carpet is recycled material.
4.  Wide Plank Hardwood
Wide plank hardwood has been a very popular trend lately.  Consumers have ventured toward planks ranging from 5 to 7 inches wide.  Wide planks can make a room seem more visually spacious, which goes a long with another trend of spacious, open-concept home layouts.
These planks are 7 inches wide.
For color, dark hardwood has been very popular, as well as grey-toned.  The first picture is from my boss's home.
The wood species in this grey-toned hardwood is Maple, and the color is Moonshine.
My favorite trends are the patterned carpet/tiles, and the grey-toned hardwood.  You can also find wood mimicking, grey-toned luxury vinyl or laminate.

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Live with what you love.

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