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Nursery Designs

Whether your planning now or fantasizing years in advance, one of the most fun rooms to decorate is your child's nursery!
When my fiancé and I found out we were expecting, I decided I wanted to do a Jungle theme for our little peanut, regardless of what the gender was.  So, my fiancé, being the handyman that he is, immediately painted the nursery green.  Well.. then when we found out we were having a girl.. I decided she needed to have a princess room, and next thing you know my fiancé is painting the room a cream/tan color to go with my new pink and brown theme:)  Luckily the carpet he had put in still matched perfectly!
Moral of the story.. before going paint and project crazy, make sure you've decided on a theme and colors that are peaceful and pretty, because you very well may be staring at them at 1, 3, and 5 a.m. every night for the next 6 months! ;)
Marie Pari
Photo Source: Pinterest
 Navy and coral together are so pretty and elegant!  What could be more perfect for your little girl's nursery?
Photo Source: Pinterest
Take a couple of glass milk bottles, paint them, tie a burlap or hemp rope bow, and add some artificial flowers to create an inexpensive, adorable piece of décor.
Photo Source: HalfPintPMB on Etsy
 Repurpose a vintage china cabinet to make the perfect little armoire.  I like the idea of doing this piece in distressed pink.
Flooring to Match:
A medium toned, small-planked hardwood for a classic feel.  Almost everyone prefers wider planked hardwoods these days, but choosing the right small planked wood makes the room feel vintage.  Especially if you live in an older home, everyone walking into this room will wonder whether or not its the original hardwoods.  Feel free to add a cream colored rug in the center of the room, since, well.. babies learning to walk fall a lot :)
 The hardwood is great, but some prefer carpet in their bedrooms, especially in a child's room.  If I were decorating this room for my daughter, I would actually go with this pretty, patterned nylon carpet.
Lil Man Cave
 Photo Source: The Coral Cottage on Etsy
I loved the navy so much for the girl themed nursery that I had to do one for boys, as well!  I recommend grey paint for the walls, with a navy accent wall.  Or if you're a fan of DIY projects, create your own wood plank accent wall.
Photo Source: Project Nursery
Here's a few other pieces that you can either make or buy that will add to the rustic outdoors theme of this room.
Sold by RusticLuvDecor on Etsy for $65.82
This canvas sign cracks me up!  How cute is that?
Sold at Amazon for $30
Flooring to Match:
Tie it all together with a light grey carpet.  A darker hardwood works for this space, as well.
Travel Inspired
You can go one of two ways with your travel themed nursery.  The 1st theme is "Up, Up, & Away"  Stick to pastel colors for this design.
Photo Source: Little Hands
This is the perfect scenario to use a wallpaper feature wall!
Make your little one his/her very own mobile.
Photo Source:
A globe is a perfect design piece for a travel inspired room.  You can also personalize your globe using paint, or purchase one already personalized from Etsy.
Photo Source: Kate's Creative Space
This hot air balloon is made out of paper mache, but you can also use a paper lantern.
Flooring to Match:
I choose a light multi-colored carpet for this room.  It's warm & goes well with the pastel colors in this room.
The 2nd Travel Inspired theme is what I call "Oh the Places You'll Go" (this is also my 2nd week in a row of referring to Dr. Seuss in my blog, so I'm realizing that I may need to get out of my house more and have more conversations with adults ;)
Photo Source: Pretty Perfect Living
Put a large map behind the crib, and let that be your feature wall.
Sold from World Market
What would look more perfect than a suitcase dresser for your little one's travel inspired room?
Inspire your little one to imagine and explore.
You could take your regular light switch covers and make this yourself, or purchase them from Etsy!
Flooring to Match:
So this flooring is literally awesome.  There's only 2 planks here, and they are large planks.  Each plank is made out of smaller planks of old barn wood.  This hardwood works so well for your little one's travel themed room because the wood looks old and "well-traveled on."  All of the little nicks and flaws come from the fact that this wood is repurposed.  Man, I can't get enough of this floor!
Mother Earth
Photo Source: dominomag on instagram
 This isn't the same wallpaper from last weeks blog on wallpaper feature walls, but it was the inspiration behind this theme.  While writing last weeks blog, I was thinking to myself that while I loved that look for a dining room, I was jealous that I hadn't thought of it a year ago for my daughter's nursery!
This theme could also be easily done in a boy's nursery, by simply switching out the wallpaper for a tree decal, while keeping the design pieces.
Photo Source:
This teepee can be found online at The Land of the Nod for $159
I also found tons of different styles of teepees by searching for them on Etsy.

Complete the look with an antique style rocking chair. 
When I was thinking of the perfect rocking chair for this room, the 1st thing that came to mind was the rocking chair that my mother has in the nursery she created for her grandkids!  So the chair pictured above is a picture of my mother's actual chair.
I remembered that she bought this chair while at a benefit, though, so I wanted to find a similar one so you all can purchase one, too!
Sold at Wayfair for $382
I adore this feather mobile, it looks like a dream catcher.  You could use an actual dream catcher to make a mobile, as well!
Sold by DreamkeepersLLC on Etsy for $141
Flooring to Match:
The hardwood variations are gorgeous.  Everything about this wood feels very natural.
I choose a carpet that was still light, but had darker variations, so that the room wouldn't look washed out with the light colored teepee or other light furniture/décor options.
I could literally spend my whole life just picking out colors, themes, and décor pieces for nurseries, but I guess I'll just have to settle for redecorating my daughter's room every few years :)
Which nursery was your favorite?  Comment your answer in the comments section!  My personal favorite.. Mother Nature
All flooring recommendations can be purchased from CS4 Flooring & Design
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Live with what you love.

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